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Filoskop - "loving insight", from Greek Philo - friend or love and Skopein - to see or observe

Filoskop's approach is based on the premise that we humans have an unconscious emotional life that affects our decisions and our actions. This means that we humans are not always objectively rational and that we sometimes stand in the way of ourselves in our professional and private lives.

By increasing our awareness of the emotions, thoughts and behaviors that shape our lives and color our world, we can better manage our challenges, make other choices and find solutions to maximize our own resources and actual possibilities.

Awareness is so crucial that it today constitutes a brutal dividing line between those who make consciously grounded decisions and self-confident navigate both their private and professional lives -and those who groundless follow the latest trends and unconsciously allow them to be governed by emotions, algorithms and old limiting habits. 

Filoskop's ambition is to create value by helping leaders broaden and deepen their inner and outer perspective to be able to make consciously grounded decisions for purposeful actions towards a meaningful professional as well as private future.

In addition to myself, Filoskop consists of a network of therapists, philosophers, and business advisors who, depending on the situation and needs, can be included in the work.

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